Smog Test Buena Park

Smog Test Buena Park714-386-1744 Smog Check Cypress is the smog inspection center for the Buena Park area and we inspect all vehicles regardless of make or model. We’ve been at this location for 20 years and are committed to offering reliable, honest, and affordable smog tests. Our technicians are well-trained and highly skilled at operating our state-of-the-art equipment to get your vehicle through the process correctly and according to DMV regulations. If your car was manufactured prior to 1998, you’re going to need to avail it to and pass a smog inspection every other year. The DMV will gladly notify you in your annual registration notice whether or not your car will require a smog test. Call Smog Check Cypress today at 714-386-1744, for a complete explanation of the smog test process.

As far as we know, no one’s been able to elude a required smog test. It is mandated by the DMV if you wish to legally register and drive your car in California. You may pay your fees ahead of time to avoid any penalties, but we recommend you take care of it as soon as you get your notice. At Smog Check Cypress, we’ll help you get through the smog certification process without any hassles or worries. We’re open Monday through Saturday and have a comfortable lounge with free internet access for your added convenience. If you live or work in the 90630, 90621, 90622, 90623, or 90624 areas and want visit the most reliable facility for a smog check with affordable rates, call Smog Check Cypress today at 714-386-1744.

Smog Test Only | Buena Park

714-386-1744 In Buena Park you don’t need an appointment for a smog test only at Smog Check Cypress. Your vehicle must submit to a smog test only every other year if it was manufactured prior to 1998 and if it’s determined by the DMV that your car most likely will fail its test. You may also be lucky enough to own one of the 2% of vehicles randomly selected to visit a test only station. If you’re confused about the process or have any questions, please call us today at 714-386-1744.

Smog Check Cypress is a certified smog test only center. You’re welcome to wait in our customer lounge, which is complete with free internet access. Relax and before you know it, your smog check will be completed. If you live or work in the 90630, 90621, 90622, 90623, or 90624 areas, and need to visit a smog test only facility, then bring your car to Smog Check Cypress today or call us at 714-386-1744 to schedule an appointment.