Quick Smog Check Tips

Quick Smog Check TipsIt’s time again to smog your truck, car or SUV and you may be asking yourself what can be done to improve the chances of vehicle passing? With so many variables involved in any smog check, you can focus on a few important details that can help prep your vehicle.

Keeping your vehicle well maintained can help improve not only the performance of your car, but potentially contribute to keeping your vehicle’s emissions within California standards. While its can be easy to overlook routine vehicle maintenance with a busy schedule, general services, such as oil changes every 3 months/3,600 miles, replacement of air filters, and transmission inspections can help improve test results.

If you have noticed your check engine light has turned on, it’s important to have the issue causing the light to be resolved before your next smog check. A quick and convenient way to address the issue is to bring your vehicle in to a STAR certified smog and repair station. These stations can both perform smog testing and offer required repair services to correct any vehicle issues. The automotive techs will be able to isolate repairs needed or discover if you simply have a faulty check engine light.

Heating your vehicle up before your next smog check can also help when preparing for testing. Driving your SUV, truck or car 10-20 minutes before a smog check warms the catalytic converter, which improves its performance and increases the precession of the emissions tests. If you arrive without having the vehicle warmed, the catalytic converter may not properly burn off the harmful chemicals being tested.

Ensuring the tires on your vehicle are properly inflated can also help increase the accuracy of smog check readings. As your vehicle is accelerated to speed on the dynamometer, lower than recommended air pressure in your tires may contribute to additional loads on your engine during the testing process. Keeping the PSI of your tires within recommended levels may help keep your testing results true to the vehicle’s current emission levels.

Prepping your vehicle prior to your next smog check is no guarantee of passing your testing, but it can potentially ensure that the results returned are more aligned with the true state of your car, truck or SUV. Our ASE certified automotive techs can help provide quick and professional services to ensure your next smog check is a positive experience. Also, remember to checkout our smog check specials before your next visit to save.